Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Bad Day of Fishing Beats a Good Day at School

Kyle played hooky for a day on the high seas. We left out of Dana Point Harbor for a day of fishing. While we were looking for yellowfin tuna, all we could find were bonito, a lesser known member of the tuna family.

We both caught our limits and had a great time trying to haul up the mean, nasty, aggressive fighters. And, I walked away with my 3rd consecutive boat jackpot for the large fish of $100.00. Not a bad day at all.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bronchitis Blues

Well, I thought I beat the early seasonal flu until Sunday night, when I was (literally) up all night with coughing fits. Rolled my sorry butt into the doc's office today and confirmed I've got a good case of bronchitis going. Hope with antibiotics, I'll get to improving. My fantasy is to be at least well enough by Saturday to go out fishing on some kelp beds with Kyle; the red snapper, rockfish, and sea bass are biting.

At least the ladies made it through their bout with kennel cough and are basking in some early morning sun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

First Show Success

I exhibited at my first real show this past weekend. The traffic was slow, but I still ended up selling 10 pieces. It was a watershed moment because while I was busy with the art show, Tami was busy teaching her first class on papercraft techniques. It showed me we can earn some fun money in retirement when we get to that point.

The best part of selling my work wasn't the money; it was the validation that someone else might actually enjoy what I'm trying to do. Knowing that some of my prints are now adorning some walls (even the bathroom wall would make me proud) in folk's homes makes me feel pretty good!

I learned some good things as well; Be polite, not pushy; pass on your excitement for the work; be gracious with compliments and criticism's; don't judge a customer by their cover; everyone is a critic; and fellow artist's are the greatest resource.