Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here's the latest print completed for a wildlife exchange. Surprise--- a trout!!! We'll perhaps not a great surprise as I seem to have an obsession in capturing the beauty of these wonderful fish. I wish I had more time and energy for printing, but it's been a crazy summer.

As to the specs, it's 5x7 printed with Akua intaglio ink onto white Stonehenge paper.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cabo Wabo, Bay-beee!

We'll, we just got back from Cabo San Lucas, down in Baja California Sur (Mexico). It was an educational trip in that I learned the best way to remember Baja California Sur (BCS), is Beer, Chips, & Salsa.

We stayed at the Villa Del Arco Resort, which is absolutely top notch. The rooms are stunning and equipped with kitchenettes. Our room overlooked the pool, including the replica pirate ship floating in it, and the beach another 50 yards beyond.

We relaxed and enjoyed the Cabo vibe, did two wonderful days of snorkeling in a marine preserve, and seriously imbibed in------ food! No tequila this time around, and just enough cerveza to keep us cool. But, as I mentioned, the food was awesome! We enjoyed a monstrous seafood platter at Mocambo that included baja style lobster, cracked crab, butterflied shrimp, grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon, a whole red snapper, and calimari. The chips n salsa were off the chart as well.

We also sampled some more traditional dishes, including an ethnic fusing of middle eastern and Mexican styles where the meats are skewered and shaved from a spit, lightly grilled in pineapple and onion, and mixed with jalapeno, tamarind, and other spices. And, we found some of the best gellato we have ever enjoyed. This was a culinary trip!!!

The grand finale' was getting intentionally bumped from our return flight in order to get $900 in travel vouchers for a future trip to any where US Air flies. Thanks to Tami's thriftiness and sprinting abilities, we'll be enjoying another 'fly-a-way' vacation in the next year.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Too Long between Posting

I wish I could say I was sooooo busy that I did not have time to post, but the truth is, I didn't have much to say. But now I think I have some good stuff for the blog.

Father's day was awesome! A celebration of the manly bond between father and son. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra's, Kyle presented me with a duck decoy he had hand carved out of a block of cedar and stained to look old. I learned from Tami that he had spent the whole semester in woodshop working on it. Shortly thereafter, we were out on the water, fishing for trout with my father-in-law. Truly a great day; a real dad's day!

Flash forward to the 4th of July. A deep discussion on purchasing a small RV for our camping and fishing trips.... By way of backdrop, I've worked this purchase for the last 10 years (or more) before Tami finally said, wellllllllllll, alright....

The family vote hinged on Kyle saying "OH YEAH!!!!" and I was already planning the next great adventure. Then it hit.... "We'll, you know, dad, this'll probably be the last summer we hang out because I'll want to spend more time with my friends in high school."

OOOMMMPHHFHHH. That's was the sound of the air going out of my sails. Tami knew the feeling, having been relegated to 'mom' status a few years ago as 'dad' became the hero.

In the end, it's just a part of growing up. Which is why I suggest to anyone that they not let those moments go by.