Sunday, September 23, 2007

No, It's not a Mirage

Day in, day out I deal with the same stuff as a law enforcement officer; drunk people, spouses who can't argue without their fists, kids going through puberty by holding a gun and claiming gang membership.... But, every now and again there's a mirage in the desert to quench my thirst.

Next week, I get to spend a week in Pacific Grove, CA at a class. It's being held at a resort on Monterrey Bay. And the best part, my wife's joining me (cuz Grandma's coming to keep an eye on the boy) for some relaxing, seafood eating, wine tasting, art shopping time. On the way home, we'll cruise down Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur, and cross over through the Paso Robles wine region.

Thank goodness for mirages that turn out to be oasis's!

This photo was taken in an estuary of the Colorado River near Topock Gorge. In the middle of the desert, these marshes are major stops on trans-continental migratory routes for many different birds.


Lesa said...

Thank you for doing a job that I would not have the guts for. I can sleep better knowing there are "Stand Up" people like yourself watching my back and trying to keep chaos at bay. Love your pics and am in awe of your energy! Keep living!