Sunday, March 2, 2008

There's Gold in Then Thar Hills!

Mountain biking is a passion. It keeps me fit, reduces stress, and give me some great folks to 'break bread' with and share in camaraderie. But the best part is when you get to pedal through amazing vistas.

Today, we went down to Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, CA. The Santa Ana winds were howling. Several 18 wheelers were tipped over on the freeway it was so bad. But, about 5 miles from the park, it was like someone flipped the off switch and the winds just died. There was even a hint of coastal humidity in the air.

The backside of the ride was absolutely packed with wildflowers. You could smell just a hint of sweetness mixed in with with earthy tones. It was pretty spectacular. I almost forgot we were in a regional park with nearly 5,000,000 people within a half an hour of us. One of the biking moments to remember!
That little red dot? That's me.....


thealteredpage said...

What a totally amazing image. It captures both the beauty of nature and the adventure & excitement of sport.

Lesa said...

Great photo. You rock!