Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Slap on some red, white, & blue, enjoy some BBQ, cold beers, good friends, and fireworks today. Remember to take a moment to thank those who have sacrificed in order to make our nation (for all the good & bad) a little better.

I don't mind saying there are some things our government is doing that I strongly disagree with, but I'm still very proud and thankful to have the opportunity and the right to express my opinion. I've been in countries where that's not always the case and it's very chilling.

Enough with the soapbox.... Above are some prints from a solarplate I developed today. It depicts a giant Sequoia at Balch Park in the Sierra's. The cedar below it are all in the 50-60 foot range, so you can get an idea just how massive the trees can be.


Kim H. said...

Happy 4th Of July! Gorgeous prints! I am off to have a few margaritas and BBQ! Enjoy the fireworks!

Lesa said...