Sunday, August 17, 2008

The End of Summer

Kyle and I had our father/son grand finale' this weekend with an overnite deep sea trip into Mexico. We landed a couple of HUGE Yellowtail, as well as Dorado (mahi-mahi). We came home sunburned, tired, and $140.00 richer for winning the large fish jackpot. And, we have a freezer full of fish!

For a summer vacation, it was a great one; two deep sea trips, two trout trips, a whitewater rafting trip, and a few trips to Disneyland. Hopefully, one day when Kyle's a dad, he'll remember this summer and do the same for his kids.

The pictures show our yellowtail and the beautiful sunrises you get at sea, plus about 30 pounds of fresh fish all filleted up!


Eraethil said...

Sounds like an excellent set of memories to me. Congrats on the jackpot too!