Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silverwood Sunrise

Every now and again, you get honored to see an amazing sight. This morning, Kyle and I were heading down to do some fishing and got to witness one amazing sunrise. The colors were as vibrant as I can recall. The way the light played off of the lake was incredible.

The fishing wasn't nearly as good as the sunrise, though Kyle did manage to bring home a decent size sturgeon. I was a bit concerned about cooking it up because it is such an ugly fish. But, the fillets were probably the best freshwater fish I've ever had; kinda like alligator. Deep fried them in an eggwash and beer batter and they were seriously tasty!

Hope you enjoy the pics! Click on the sunrise; it'll enlarge and it's worth the effort!!!


Kim H. said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! I need to come out and visit CA again- I miss seeing a sunrise like that!

The fish sounds yummy!

seth said...

spectacular view