Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rugby Camp Re-cap

Kyle and I rolled down for his first summer camp experience; Rugby Camp at UCLA. Actually, the experience began as soon as we got into Kyle's Coach's van to drive down. You see, Bill (his coach) has 10, yes 10 kids. 7 of them went to camp, along with Kyle and I.

At one point, Bill asked Kyle if he had brothers or sisters. Upon hearing he was an only child, Bill just laughed and said, "Well, you are in for an experience..." I have to hand it to Bill. His kids are great. But, even great multiplied by 7 in a van is something to behold! I enjoyed being able to chat with Bill, who is a good father and coach.

Camp was fun. We shared the field with a cheerleading camp that had Kyle staring off into the distance on more than one occasion. The Barcelona FC soccer team (one of the world's best) was also practicing at the field.And, right next door was the LA Open Tennis Tournament.

For Kyle, it was a crash course in rugby. He really picked up on the nuances, though he was frustrated he wasn't as good as some of the other campers. I had to remind him he was 14 and only had 4 games under his belt whereas the kids were older with several years playing. Plus, you know it's a serious camp when the girl players show up with t-shirts reading "RUGBY- No Pads, Just Balls"

And finally, I practiced with them. No hitting or anything, but the movements were enough to leave me hobbling at work until Wednesday. Guess I'm not as fast as I remember!