Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Whale of a Time

Kyle and I went out with a good friend on his boat to do some tuna fishing. I know, surprise surprise.... Anyway, we happened to have a nice visit with what we believe was a blue whale. I've been along side California Gray Whales, and this was more elongated and probable 70 feet or more. Just amazing to watch it blow and sit on the surface. At one point, it eye balled us as if to say "what strange looking creatures you are..."

It was a bitter sweet day as I learned that my mom's stopping feeding and hydration and it's basically over. If you need to send good thoughts, send to my Dad and my Sister. The have been right there during all this and I worry for them the most. My mom's not feeling any pain, nor does she have any awareness of what is going on. I'd say her mind and spirit have already gone home. They are waiting for her body to do the same.

My wife, Tami, is heading out to Nebraska on Wednesday to help out. She's amazing and I absolutley appreciate how lucky I am to be married to her.


Anonymous said...

Oh my that whale is a amazing! Yummy looking tuna! I have to say your wife is WONDERFUL! I will continue to get you all in my thoughts and prayers!