Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well, with some tough times at work (layoffs, etc) and home, I'm thankful this year for several things. Foremost, I'm thankful for family. I've got a good wife and son; I've gotten reconnected with my Dad, and my in-laws a great folks. I'm also thankful for my health. Yeah, I've got a beer filled inner-tube around the waist that mountain biking isn't cutting into, but I'm healthy. Given what my Mom went through with cancer, and what my mother-in-law is going through right now with Valley Fever, I have no complaints. And, finally, I have a good job. A whole bunch of folks got laid off in our Police Department. My heart goes out to them and I wish the best for them.

And, when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing. I'm thankful for the little wild trout only a couple of miles from the house. They are some of the best therapy around. Happy Thanksgiving.