Sunday, January 10, 2010

Off we go......

Kyle and I will be heading up to Bishop this next weekend to celebrate Martin Luther King's Birthday as intended by Congress--- Flyfishing on the Owens River. We'll perhaps that wasn't what Congress had in mind, exactly, but the holiday will still provide a platform for us to relax and enjoy a few more Father/son moments while they are available.

You see, technology is waging a huge war on the attentions of my son. Whereas the mantra of the 60's was "Tune in, turn on, drop out," nowadays it seems as though it should be "Tune in, turn on, tweet....." He's hooked up to the world. He has a netbook that he can access the world through. He has an itouch that he can get wi-fi on. Heck, he can even play real time games with a kid in Japan on his PS3!

But, when you are out on the river, the fish don't know a tweet from a LOL. They only care about eating and not being eaten. So, he'll have to look around at what the world is doing; Have the insects hatched and can he match them with a fly? Where are the fish hiding so that a high flying eagle or osprey can't swoop them? What is the water doing? If he becomes so detached from the modern world and becomes plugged into nature, he'll do just fine. And, if he's landing a beautiful brown or rainbow with Metallica providing a soundtrack through his earbuds, I can live with that.

Photo taken from where we will be fishing, though the Sierra's will have a beautiful mantle of snow.


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