Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Friendly Reminder

So, we'll be heading up to Mammoth for a week. There are few places that can match the Eastern Sierra's for scenery on a grand scale. and trying to capture the emotion you feel upon looking at a vista can be a challenging pursuit. Often times, I'm disappointed with my landscapes because they lack the drama of the real thing.

Rather than fretting, I make sure not to overlook the small stuff. Whether it be a pollen laden bee, or an interesting pattern in a rock, I always take the time to look in places that I might normally not for a good vacation photo.

This photo was taken while I was brushing my teeth in a campground on the Kern River. I looked down in the sink basin and thought I saw the backflow holes moving. Now, granted, I'm having some eye issues, and I was pre-coffee at that moment, but I knew I wasn't hallucinating when a happy little head popped out to say good morning. Apparently, frog's live in the backflow pipes in order to keep moist in the low humidity of the Sierra's. A simple, uncluttered shot, it's one of my favorites for it's fun-factor!


hutch ink designs... said...

What a cool picture! It is very fun!


Amie Roman said...

So cute!!! I had a similar experience camping in Western Australia. The rain was coming down in sheets, we were in tents without rain flies (because of course it never rains in Australia!), and the only place to shelter (other than the bus, but we weren't allowed in) was the toilet block. So I hung out with a whole crew of tree frogs & geckos peeking around the edges of the ceramic washbasins. It was really adorable, but I kind of wanted a bit more comfort!