Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Great Divide

I don't refer to the Continental Divide when I speak to the title of this post. No, I'm talking about the cultural, generational, philosophical divide.

What a difference a week makes! This photo was taken at sunset at Minaret Summit, in the Sierra's. It sits at an elevation of 9600'. The wind was moving through and the temperature was hovering in the high 30's. The only sound you could hear was the rustling of pinion, juniper, and wildflower.

Flash forward a week to last night. Took the boy to his first concert. Not just any concert, but KISS. And not just KISS, but the full make-up, fire and blood, leather wearing, guitar smoking, nothing but kick-ass rock KISS. When I was 12, I would've killed to see KISS. If someone said "You'll see them, but it will be with your own 12 year old son," I would have thought them to be crazy. The irony, as well as the juxtaposition were not lost on me.

Still, it was a great night and yet another memorable moment in a great summer vacation. Now, if my ears will just stop ringing......


running on ink said...

WOW - gorgeous photo!

OMG KISS- I bet it was a memorable event for you and Kyle...glad you are having a wonderful summer!

When you said "kiss-ass" you sounded just like my brother and it made me chuckle. We have a recipe of my Gram's and it wrote- "kiss-ass" on it! Thanks for the good memory!