Saturday, December 8, 2007


For several years, I've watched my wife get involved in swaps and challenges. I never appreciated just how much work they really are until I got involved in a print swap with 20 other folks. Dang!!!! It's hard work!

Thus far, I've received a couple of prints and I can see the addiction; it's completely fun to open up a card to see how others have interpreted a challenge. The prints I have received are amazing-much better than anything I'm capable of at this point in my relief print career.

Anyway, here's my submission for the exchange, done in a variety of colors. A great learning experience for me and definitely makes me want to get better and better!


Kim H. said...

Well, I think these are gorgeous! I hope you are having fun with your swap and yes they are lots of work but worth it if you are inspired from them!

Amie Roman said...

Oooh! Like the different colours - I got the yellow ochre one. Pur-dy!