Sunday, January 13, 2008

Never to Old to Rock

For me, a great source of pride comes from when my son says "Dad, you know that song that goes 'Brahh-wah-wah-hwah-twaaahhh' real loud?" as he rips out a verbal guitar riff.

"You mean the one where they go 'gbow-wow-zeeeeeeeee---brahh-wah-hwah-twaaahhh?"

"Yeah, that's the one! Can you download it for me?"

While I download the tune to his ipod, I tell him about the song; what it means; how the guitarist was amongst the best before (pick one) sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll did him in; what I was doing in high school when the tune came out. A real history lesson.

I'm lucky if I get a "thanks" and stoked if I'm blessed with a "cool." Still, it's my way of connecting with my son, spanning the great divide, bridging the generation gap. I know he appreciates the download, even if it comes with a monologue.

Yesterday, while I'm watching football, I hear my son talking with his friend while they listen to tunes upstairs.

"You may think this song's about a trip across country, but what it's really about is discovering all the things he likes about his girlfriend..." he says and then casually mentions that the songwriter died in a plane crash/speeding in a Ferrari/eating a bologna sandwhich. And, of course, his knowledge illicits the appropriate "coooool........" And not just from his friend, but from dear old dad.


Lesa said...

Coooool story. Father & son bond = Priceless. Great photo too!