Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why Nothing Gets Done

I always start the weekend with good intentions; get the garage clean, do some stuff in the yard, get some riding in, visit with the family..... Sadly, before I know it, the weekend is over and I'm left wondering where it all went. Then, my son took a photo that explains it all.

Though not apparent in real life, the film has captured two ghostly apparitions that appear to haunt me the second I sit down. These para-normal beasts effectively suck the life force out of me and leave me reclining with my feet up.

When I'm not sitting, these same creatures make voices in my head that sound like a Siren's call, willing me to venture out into the freezing cold to walk down by the creek. Upon return, I feel a compelling need to slap peanut butter on a treat and lay it on the ground.

I don't know where these harpy like vampires come from, but look at the photo~~~ They are REAL!

Alright, maybe I've taken dramatic license, but, damn those dogs! They get me all peaceful on a cold winter day. Thank god for football on TV!

(And, I did do a carving of some Anasazi Pottery. I liked the photo, which had a very abstract feel to it; like ancient art deco!)


Lesa said...

What a sweet photo. Love your telling of a story or how you make a point. Another worthy print too. Would look nice on a skirt or a shirt!

Amie Roman said...

I have a spotty stripey snuggly cat that has the same effect (not the cold creek thing); I can't seem to escape snuggling with him, and hence get nothing done. I'm well aware of the phenomenon!

Kim H. said...

Sometime you just need to sit with your feet up and is good for the soul!

I love your carving- abstract art is something I LOVE!