Sunday, May 25, 2008

Something Fishy

Finally! I had a chance to develop a solarplate print today. Did a Rainbow Trout as a relief plate and printed using akua ink on arches paper. "Borrowed" some of Tami's watercolors to create the color.

I love trout, and not just because they are fun to catch (and eat). Their patterns and coloring are so amazing; art at its very finest! I'm no where near capturing the brilliance, but I'll get there!


Kim H. said...

This print has so many great trout details it is fabulous! I love the light watercolor brush of color! Hope your having a fabulous weekend!

Eraethil said...

Looks like you are already putting the solar plate workshop learnings to great use! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

lovely print. Have you seen gyotaku?