Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

I just spent 3 days printmaking with Dan Welden, a master printmaker and the creator of solarplate printing. It was an amazing experience, not only for pushing new boundaries, but for meeting some extraordinary local artists.

In the world of printmaking, I'd say I'm a neophyte enthusiast. I'm somewhat rigid to rules as a result of A) being a man, B) being a cop, and C) being a photographer. So when Dan laid down the rules, I was very attentive. Until he got to the final rule... There are no rules. Free your mind!

So, on the final day of class, I'm looking at a ratty plate which I over exposed a portion of it. "Free your mind....." I lopped off the over exposed potion with a cutter and began inking it up. Not the way it was intended, but in whatever way I felt. Throw some color here, some swirl there, burnish a bit there, and SLAP THAT SUCKER ON THE PRESS! Mass hysteria; anarchy.

When I pulled the print from the plate, I was stunned. It was like the part in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy goes from black and white to technicolor. It was an irreverent epiphany.

So, I guess the moral to the story is break some rules and conventions. There may be pay off at the end of it!

Solarplate intaglio printed as a relief with Akua inks on soaked Stonehenge paper. Scroll down a few posts to see the original photo.


Kim H. said...

WOW this is stunning! I love it! Sounds like an amazing weekend! I am thinking of breaking some rules myself! Have a wonderful week! I alway enjoy seeing your work!

Maria said...

Great work!!! Way to ditch Kansas, Dorothy!

What are you doing with the pics you took at the workshop? I have a few too. If you are posting yours can I add mine to the bunch? Or vice versa? I plan to send the big, original files to Dan.

So I'm afraid I might have lost that contact swap sheet. I've got to look one more place. If I can't find it would you mind scanning & emailing me a copy?

One more thing...I highly recommend checking out the Ink'd show which runs May 3- June 8 at the DBA256 Gallery/Wine Bar in Pomona. It's a small gallery, but there's other galleries to visit in the area. There's a reception this Sat evening, which we're going to... maybe we'll see you there. If not, stop by our place for a beer sometime.

And keep up the good work!