Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Big , Big World Wide Web

When the WWW came to be, it was heralded as a means of bringing us all a little closer. But, the sometime prevailing imagery is that of a socially awkward person creating an online persona to communicate with other disaffected folks who had created their own virtual personalities.

The web can be a scary place. We have all heard the stories; some true, some firmly entrenched as urban lore. But, amongst all the flotsam and junk, real moments occur where connections are made that finally deliver on that early promise of making the world a smaller place.

Two posts ago, I received an amazing comment from Nina in Copenhagen. She spoke of things that I had posted, her own experiences, and mentioned that she too had stood in nearly the same spot two years earlier where I had taken a photo and took a picture of the limbs coming out from behind the boulders and thought it looked like a spider as well.

Thanks to the WWW, an expat in Europe can stumble onto a little virtual waystop and discover that someone else took the same photo of the same boulders and limbs, and for the same reasons. Thanks to the WWW, I follow the lives of folks in Wisconsin, the pains of a breast cancer survivor, and the creative musings of folks from all over the map. The world is a little smaller and I like it.

So, without further adieu, The above shot is Nina's photo of the spider tree.