Saturday, April 12, 2008

Peace, Man!

Kyle and I just returned from Joshua Tree National Park for an annual spring camping trip. The Park is home to the largest concentration of Joshua tree on the planet and is a mecca for climbing and bouldering enthusiasts.

Anyway, Kyle needed some down time, so he popped in an Indiana Jones movie into his portable dvd player while I went out for some lost hiking to find some peace. At sunset, there are not too many places more beautiful than Joshua Tree, and the smell of desert sage and wildflower was pretty intense.

And I found peace.... Literally! Low and behold, this rock formation jumped out at me as looking just like a peace sign; a giant 60' high peace sign!

So, if you go to wild places looking for peace, you never know where you'll find it!


Kim H. said...

So nice to hear that you and Kyle got a little down time and found some peace! Gorgeous photo!