Friday, April 4, 2008

I Don't Even Know What to Say

My son is 12. He's had a mutual crush on a girl since kindergarten. Maybe it's because she has always been the tallest kid in school; maybe it's because they are both very decent young persons. Anyway, we've always thought it was kind of cute that they have made 'googly eyes' at each other for so long.

This week, Kyle told us he wanted to ask her out. We talked about it and figured it would be fine because 'asking out' meant coming over to watch a movie and play video games. In his mind, and hers, it was nothing more than taking those first awkward and innocent steps to growing up.

We told Kyle she would need to discuss it with her folks and he would have to be respectful of her's and her parents decisions and feelings (keep in mind, the young lady is all for it....) Today, Tami talked with the mom, who we have been friends with for years; who has let her daughter go to musicals and other activities with us; and who has never had any issues with Kyle or us.

She said she didn't want Kyle going out with her daughter because he is a non-believer. Apparently, she found out Kyle had a debate with a fellow student on evolution vs creationism in the strictest sense. A couple of his 'friends' labeled him a 'non-believer' and told the young lady (who's family is very religious). Apparently, it made its way to the mom.

First, I can't believe this lady would tell Tami. Then, to find out, she told her daughter the same and now it's floating around school that she can't go out with a non-believer. I think the appropriate exclamation here is "JESUS CHRIST!"

We have raised Kyle to be sensitive, decent, respectful, and tolerant of other people and cultures. He has attended church functions, but has not embraced it. He knows and hangs out with folks of all faiths. I have told him, what's in the heart is more important than the symbol on the chest. But, wow.... The closed minded gall. Despite it all, I told Kyle if he wanted to attend church to learn more about Christianity, he could. I've always believed in being open towards all comers.

I could rant all day, but I took a ride instead. Above are some photo's from this afternoon.


Kim H. said...

I am so sorry to hear that you all are going though this! It is totally uncalled for to say the least! It baffles me why some people feel the need to teach their children to be closed minded.

Oh a positive note- your photos are gorgeous and it looks like you got a good work out!

Eraethil said...

Such a shame. I applaud you for taking the time to make Kyle aware of different faiths and allowing him to form his own conclusions.

Too bad more people in the world don't respect their kids.

Lesa said...

What is in your heart is truth. I see this situation as a reflection (like from a mirror) or reminder that your beliefs are good, loving and respectful. It is a shame that others cannot see the truth for their own strict standards and fears get in the way. Rock on Curtis, Tami & Kyle...I'll follow your path any day.