Friday, April 18, 2008

The Art of Emotion

It is not often that we have the ability or opportunity to share the innermost glimpses of our being. It could be joy or pain; it could be peace or angst. Whatever the case, it is usually only shared with a very select few. But, I think artists are blessed/cursed with the means to express emotion that is unencumbered by the restrictions of language or intimacy. Art comes from someplace within. And that is why art can be so hit and miss for the observer.

But, when you get it; when you really get it, you share something with the artist that connects at such a visceral level that it's almost overpowering.

So, to all artists who labor to bring their vision to the rest of us, I thank you!
One last shot form Joshua Tree NP. I found a burnt scrub oak next to these boulders. Kyle thought it looked like a giant spider (it does), but the starkness of the scene was very appealing.


Nina said...

It has been almost a whole year now, that I have been following your blog. It ended up in my mailbox via some random gmail alert setting I had - for 29 Palms I think. I came in and started reading around the time you started doing printmaking. I've been following for a while. I love your blog.

I am from Seattle, but have a home in the desert and have lived in California (SF & LA) for many years. Somehow, checking in with you makes me feel a little grounded. Like calling a neighbor and asking them how the bloom is this year. It's nice. And your family is so nice. It's just good to know there are normal people roaming around on this earth, willing to share their world.

Right now, I live in Copenhagen. So, having the local (Southern California) "what's up" is great. But this last post left me feeling like I finally had to introduce myself.

You see, I agree. We must thank the artists who labor to bring their vision to the rest of us. And I thank you for doing this in such an unabashed, honest and pure way. Unaffected and true, your search for connection with your world, your family and the 'air' around you is grounded and steadfast. Your awareness of the woven tapestry of life is so bright and really quite inspiring. For I think that you and your family, like me and mine, we think of ourselves as ordinary folk, really. Not so special. But really quite in awe of how fascinating the world can be. Particularly, nature.

So, when I saw your post, and then saw the spider picture you took (or was it your son that took it?), I had to say hello. I took the same photo, on the same walk, in November of 2006. I thought it looked like a spider too.

How's that for connection.

Keep up the great blog and all the best to you and your family.


I would like to send the photos to you if you have an email address I can send them to.

Curtis said...

I'm wordless.... That was the most humbling, decent, kind thing I have ever been told. It's that connection!
I wrote that because we were at an opening last night for a Spring Art Show. A longtime artist was showing for the first time and she was terrified. She felt vunerable putting out her stuff. My wife encouraged her and it dawned on me that she was standing on the edge of something reeeealllly good and needed to be thanked for being who she is and for what she does.
But, still, thanks Nina. You made mt day/week/month/year. My wife, who's real dialed up in blog land said it goes down in blog history as the nicest compliment she's ever seen.
BTW email is I can't wait to see the photo's!

Eraethil said...

Well said Curtis. It is really inspiring to see a piece of art that transports you to a different place, an altered state of mind, a past emotion, or a new awareness.

Your recent photos certainly achieve this. So I have to echo your thank you to all artists, including you.

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Kim H. said...

This is such a moving photo! Your photos are always stunning and inspiring! Your words are so power! Thanks for alway giving me inspiration!

Lesa said...

Photo makes me think of Tim Burton. Thank you for sharing - your life, your thoughts, your art.