Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bendo, Baby!

So, Kyle & I are sitting around trying to figure out how to afford more fishing trips. Understand that when we go out, everything cost double out of pocket because it's two of us. Kyle was lamenting that he couldn't earn enough money as a 13 year old to make a significant dent.

I was holding onto a logo design, which I proposed to him to develop as a fishing apparel company to earn a little money for fishing. It's called BENDO, a slang term for when your rod is bent from having a fish on. So, on the shoe-stringiest of budgets, we made some hats and sold them pretty quickly. Most were sold to the very genuine & decent anglers on

Now we have some seed money to try a t-shirt. The design above is a collage collaboration between Kyle & I called "Tuna Slam." Hopefully, folks will get excited about it.

The best part of the whole thing has been working with Kyle on this venture. Granted, he has 13 year old attention span sometimes, but he also has 13 year old energy and unabashed enthusiasm, A win-win for both of us!!!


Lesa said...

This is way cool! My oldest son is an avid fisherman and would love this design. I'll check back to see when you are offering Tshirts. WTG father & son!!