Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deep Creek in Springtime

Kyle and I went hiking into Deep Creek in search of the native rainbow and Brown Trout. Didn't catch any, but still enjoyed a beautiful morning scrambling over boulders with the sounds of rushing waters at our side.

When we got home, we found a note on the table. Seems Tami went on her own adventure; to the Carson Convention Center for a Stamping Expo. To each his (or her) own!


Anonymous said...

What what a gorgeous photo! I love hearing all about you and Kyle's fishing trips! I love to fish. My hubby and I that was one of our first dates- ice fishing! I pretty much hooked him at that point :)

I just got home from a stamping expo too! Hope Tami had as much fun as I did!

Lesa said...

Sounds like the day was enjoyed by all. Nice. Spectacular photos.