Thursday, May 10, 2007

Uncommonly Common

Every now and again, I'll see something that I could see on any given day, and pass without a thought. But, sometimes, when the heart & mind are a little more receptive, even a common scene becomes uncommingly interesting.

On a hot day in Mesa Verde NP, I was 'photo'd out' from taking too many pictures. While waiting for my wife and son to emerge from a kiva, I heard two ravens 'cawing' at each other. I watched them for a moment and was struck by the stark contrast of the black birds against an azure sky. I snapped a couple of shots while they continued their conversation. From the image, it's not hard to appreciate that native american culture's share a collective reverence for the raven. It creates an ancient and iconic symbol of the great southwest and has become one of my favorite moments from a memorable vacation.


Amie Roman said...

NICE composition, and great subject matter. I did a couple of prints along similar lines (, Something you might want to try: I carved away the black and printed on black paper with opaque light inks. Fun to do, neat effect.