Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What would you give up?

I have spent the last few days in the company of opthamologist's who are trying to figure out why I see brilliant white light arcing across the periphery of my vision. Could it be the retina detaching; could it be related to diabetes; could it be angels sent down to teach me a lesson..... I don't know, but it got me to thinking. What would I lose if I lost my sight?

As you can tell, I love visual things. There's nothing finer than the changing colors of a desert sunset, or the strokes of a master plein air oil painter. Or, meeting a person for the first time and thinking "Gee, they are as dumb as they look..."

If I didn't have sight, I wouldn't create an opinion based on the cover a book. I couldn't see ugly in the world. I would not be a slave to style or trend. My wife would be eternally young, and I could choose any memory in my mind to visit if I wanted to see something.

But the scary thing for me would not to see my son all grown up. Would he be handsome and tall like I think he'll be? Will he have a face and a way about him that commands respect, but invites people in? If he marries, what will his wife, or his kids look like? And how will they look at him?

Losing sight is one thing; losing vision is another. And losing vision is something I would never wish anyone, sight or sightless.
I took this shot of a bearded lizard at Hovenweep National Monument. I still cannot described how amazingly beautiful this little guy was. I'm ashamed to admit I walked right by him until my son said "Dad, you didn't see that?!!"


shuggy said...

hello there, i'm a friend of tami's from the shack. hope all turns out ok with your vision. scary! you take amazing photos!!!

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

So sorry you're having trouble with your vision and hoping everything gets solved very quickly. Sure hope Tami doesn't mind, but I have a feeling lots of ladies will be leaving you comments and expressing their concern for you and Tami. We all love her and now, have a new friend whose blog we can visit for spectacular photos.

myrnabs said...

Tami's friend here as well. You take amazing photographs, I've never seen anything like them. They speak to me!! I will have you in my prayers hoping that your eyes get better. Your story made me think really hard. It's true, we do need our eyesight as much as we need water, etc...Fortunately God sees that you need your eyes because I imagine that he wants you to keep snapping those wonderful photos. Keep your faith, and may God bless you always!!

hutch ink designs... said...

I'm sending you positive thoughts and prayers! Hope all works out with your vision! Your photos are amazing an inspiring- I have taken a few for my boys and posted on my blog that I think are ok- not great but better then I have taken!