Friday, June 15, 2007

By Design

So gently placed by grand design
sculpted, weathered, smoothed, sublime
My restless soul's rough edges soothed
like boulders shaped by wind and time

Creeping shadows lay long across
the sparkled face of these rocks
Time loses time in this quiet place
I drift away until I'm lost

Til the sun fades to gentle west
breath barely rises from my chest
This moment hangs like tapestry
I drift to sleep, my soul at rest

I took this photo from inside the tent one evening while my son and I were camping in Joshua Tree NP. This formation is called Jumbo Rocks. Carved by wind and time, these boulders are the size of cars.


Rodrigo said...

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Nina said...

Beautiful photos. I stumbled upon your blog (directed by my 29Palms search). I am in Copenhagen, Denmark finishing a graduate degree and your blog has made me homesick for California. Thank you for sharing your experience, (the fishing trip really stands out for me), well, all of them.
It's a good life.