Friday, June 8, 2007

Say It Ain't So!

Omigod... Paris Hilton's going back to jail! What kind of system allows an ultra-rich heiress to slum amongst normal folk, eating bologna and cheese on wonder bread, and sleeping on a 2 inch mattress? Will her hair be styled by some big gal named "Trixie?" Will she succumb to the siren's call of Wal-Mart brand mascara? I guess it's a good thing she had so much fun in her series 'The Simple Life' because now she has an opportunity to live, breath, eat, and yes, poop in the exact same environment as the folks she made fun of. Can you say "karma?"

Personally, I enjoy living in a world that's Paris free. I don't care that Rosie left, quit, or got fired. And, it's inconsequential who's left on Dancing with the Stars. I get my strength from things that are timeless; National Parks, wildlife, sunsets, nature. I'd rather spend an evening watching my dogs wrestle than listen to what's going on in Hollywood. Fortunately, even though we live on the edge of the Los Angeles basin, and the 15 million people that call it home (including Paris), we are less than a couple of hours away from incredible solitude. This shot was taken at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley NP. Way more amazing at sunrise, I'd tried my best to get its other-worldly feel in the mid morning sun.


hutch ink designs... said...

You crack me up! I'm so out of the loop! I don't watch any TV unless it is a kid show- I had no idea she was out of prison- and now back in prison! I guess my life is just more simple....

Your photo is breathe taking!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's and good wit. Like Billy Crystal said "Forget Paris.."