Saturday, June 2, 2007

R-O-A-D T-R-I-P!

Someone once asked me "What's your best ever vacation?" Without even thinking, I replied "The one I haven't taken yet...." You see, for me, vacations don't start when the car pulls out of the driveway. No, No, No.... They start long in advance!

Usually, over lunch involving some type of microbrew, my wife will casually throw out a line like "So, have you thought about vacation this year?" At this point in life, what with a 12 year old son, 2 dogs, work, etc., she could as easily have asked "Have you thought about getting jiggy?" and it couldn't elicit a more excited response.

I casually reply "Well, you know, I've got some ideas, but nothing concrete." My wife knows better. Actually, I've already planned down to the nickel and gallon of gas, at least three potential adventures. I test the waters with a Hawaii trip, a cross country visit to the "Grandma Belt" and, for good measure, throw in a good old National Park road trip. I then say "But I don't know what Kyle (our son) wants to do."

There are moments in a dad's life; when your son is born; when he catches his first fish; when he tells you about the first love of his life; but my buttons were bursting from my chest when my wife said "He wants to do a road trip like we did in Colorado (or Utah, or Arizona, or New Mexico...). I practically blew beer through my nose as I tried to conceal my glee. Of course my wife knew my feelings as she's sworn from day one she was only a vessel for the "mini-me."

Which leads us to this summer. Nothing big planned due to work schedules, but Kyle and I are going on a kayak trip on the Kern River later this month, with an excursion into Sequoia NP. And, we will be doing it in a new Honda Element! No telling what will happen, but I can tell you Kyle and I talk about it every day. Occasionally, I'll hear the holy grail of kid compliments- Suuweeet! Don't wait till the car is running to get started or you'll miss the best moments!

Pow-wows are a great thing to attend, particularly if you have kids. The color and pagentry, mixed with appreciation for our native cultures, is something that should not be missed. This shot was from a Pow-wow at the Soboba Indian Reservation near our home. This gentlemen was the Eagle Warrior, chosen to lead out the opening procession because of his bravery and dedication to his People.


hutch ink designs... said...

Wow what a gorgeous picture! You take my breathe away with all your gorgeous photos!

Sounds like your road trip with be lots of fun! We do day road trips with our boys...since they are so little yet and my DH works way to much! Someday it is just Geocaching other days we go to my DH families farm house that has been in his family for the last 155 years! It is my absolute favorite vacation spot! I love to go for walks in the woods with the boys, explore the 180 acres, and sit around the fire and enjoy a cocktail or two!

Can wait to see picture from you Road trip!