Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Can't post any new artistic efforts or photo's seeing's how we are off the mountain due to, as the local news loves to declare, FIRESTORM 2007!!! Our home is most likely to survive absolutely intact as the fires that threaten it seem to have burned away. But, this leaves all too much time to reflect on those that are not so lucky.

For those who don't know, Lake Arrowhead is a tiny community. Since most full-timers work "down the hill" you have to go the extra mile to find your niche and social group. For me, it's my cycling buddies; for my wife, her bunco and crafting friends. When the fires rip through neighborhoods that these folks go about living in, there's a certain amount of survivor's guilt that comes with knowing your home is safe. I have had to make the call to tell someone they have no home to return to. I can only guess that it's akin to telling someone they have a terminal disease.

I hope the best for all our neighbors, and for our mountain. It ain't paradise, but you can see it from there!


Kim H. said...

My heart goes out to you and your family! This is just a horrible thing!

Your line about having to tell someone that they have a terminal disease - made me think of a day I had when I worked in the ER!

One night I had a man come in DOA...and he is wife was like CODE him for a long to a long time last time! So the ER Doc and I coded him for almost 2 hours....nothing! So the ER Doc tells me to go tell his wife we could not bring him back...I went out and told his wife. I told her to give me a few minutes to clean him up and then she could say her goodbyes. Well when I went back into to clean him up. I went to take his IV out and he started breathing again so I check for a pulse and he had one! It was so odd...I made the ER Doc tell his wife he was alive!

It is not an easy thing to do!

Take care!