Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home is Where the Heart Is

I was good all week, but today I needed to get back to the house to take a peek, pick up my bike, and have some quiet, creative time. Had to go through 5 roadblocks (man, it's good to have a badge aka-the brass pass...) to get there, but it was well worth it.

The house is fine; in fact it started to rain! There was quite a bit of ash and other burnt material so I'm relieved no spot fires happened.

Carved a little while I enjoy a beer. Never really appreciate those kind of moments until they are taken away, so I savored it. I felt compelled to say something about how I felt about the fires, and this is what came out. Did it on a scrap piece and, while it's not the best thing I've done, it felt good to do it.

For anyone else out there who visits, and is from SoCal, I hope your home is standing and you family is safe!


Anonymous said...

Could've been titled "Oh Shit" Nice expression of the fear and frustration.

T said...

Hey 3Bayers!

I remembered you were in Lake Arrowhead so I had to check your blog, though I was afraid of what the news might be. I'm glad that, for you and your family, at least, the crisis has passed. California demands quite a price from the people who love her. The linoleum prints are very cool and very inspiring. I hope you'll work up a whole series on the Fires.

Sounds like a rough month,

Krusty (from the EOC)

Amie Roman said...

Like your aesthetic - nice uncomplicated handling of a very powerful scene.

Amie Roman said...

BTW - why'd you only print one?