Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun with Color

Yep, I know the title sounds like one of my wife's posts, but I've been trying to expand my boundaries on the whole printmaking thing. Mixing some primary colors seemed like just the thing. Honestly, I did this on a spare piece of linoleum and was having some fun experimenting with rolling colors together. I've always admired how Northwest Native Americans have depicted nature in their carvings, so I thought I would take a crack at my interpretation of a trout. I like where it's going and once I get some new inks in, I'll make a more serious attempt.


Nina said...

Nice fish! You inspire me to want to go out and buy some linomium! Keep up the nice work.

Kim H. said...

I think it is wonderful! Love the craving!

Anonymous said...

Neat print. I like the graduation of color. Maybe a green to blue to purple to red transition would really make it pop.