Friday, November 2, 2007


Autumn is my favorite time on the mountain. Despite the threat of forest fires, it still runs past other seasons for it's character and effect. Tourism seems to catch it's breath; tired from the summer visitors looking to escape the valley heat while quietly transitioning into it's winter persona for the snow.

Squirrels and woodpeckers scatter about in a manic frenzy to store fallen acorns and pine nuts, with blue jays screaming their encouragement. And the trees...... The dogwoods flushed with crimson hues, set against the dying golds of oaks and constant backdrop of evergreens and always in struggle to hold their flashy coat against the restless autumn breeze.

The air changes and sheds its heavy summer presence for a lighter, crisp feeling that invites you to breath in deeply. In all, it's like waking from a long afternoon nap, slightly groggy, but feeling energized and having the chance to see things with a renewed, if not fleeting, clarity.

So, I'll be out for a 3-4 hour ride on the bike today, enjoying the season. The photo was taken in Lone Pine, CA. last Autumn. Meanwhile, I'll leave the final word with a poem from Ernest Hemingway...

Best of all he loved the Fall
The leaves yellow on the cottonwoods
Leaves floating on the trout streams
And above the hills
The high blue windless skies
Now he will be a part of them forever


Kim H. said...

Oh my heaven and stars...that is a gorgeous photo! I love fall too! Enjoy your ride tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hemingway knew what fall in the mountains was! You do a wonderful job at giving us your impression, and translating your feelings to words. Keep writing! It compliments your photography and art so well!