Saturday, November 3, 2007

National Park Series

So, with the family down at Disneyland, I had a chance to do anything I felt like doing. Soooo, I slept in (til 7:00am- late for me), drank a whole pot of french roast, rode my bike for about three hours, took a nap, surfed the Internet, ate leftovers right from the pot, watched football, drank a beer or three, and did some carving.

I picked through some photo's from Zion National Park and found one of the Great White Throne with the Virgin River flowing beneath it. This particular rock face towers nearly 2000' above the valley floor. It was a poor photo as far as exposure, but the composition was decent, so I took a shot. I'm pretty pleased. I think I like monochromatic efforts more than color.


Kim H. said...

Glad to hear that you are kick back having a wonderful time while everyone is away!

I love this craving. They are getting better with each one you do!

Amie Roman said...

Fantastic print! Really strong image; you have captured the scenery beautifully in such a simple manner. Keep it up!!

Diane Cutter said...

This is a beautiful print, very successful! I like the way you treated the top of the landform against that black band. It works very well!

Rick said...

Great print! Really like the gestural quality of the lines and the way you've framed the image.