Monday, November 12, 2007

San Diego

With school still out due to the fires, we drove down to San Diego for the weekend. If I had to live in a metropolitan area, San Diego would be it. Laid back, lots of great restaurants, a thriving arts and cultural scene, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. We visited Sea World, Old Town San Diego, and Balboa Park (think Smithsonian's). We tried to get in to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, but it was pretty much sold out.

The culinary highlights included pumpkin pie gelatto, and a sandwich which had smoked turkey, fresh basil, tomatoes, gouda, red onion, cranberry mustard, and feta-cream cheese spread on a toasted whole grain bread. Yum!!!

Anyway, the picture is from the Botanical Gardens at Balboa Park. Not often that we all get to pose together!


Kim H. said...

What a great family photo! Glad that you all had fun in San Diego!