Friday, October 10, 2008

Change is in the Air

I think Autumn is here.... One day, it's 80 degrees and sunny and the next day it's 40 degrees and foggy. The leaves are turning and falling in the wind. Squirrels are busy loading up on acorns and pine nuts. You can smell the spicy scent of smoke in fireplaces. A great time to be on the mountain!

Tomorrow, I'm showing at the Pine Cone Festival in Twin Peaks. Hopefully the weather and economy don't put too much of a buzz-kill on the event. I did a few new pieces for the show and offer up "Happy Hour" as a tribute to shortening days and crisp nights.


Lesa said...

Amazing. Love this. The essence of motion in stillness with lovely soft Autumn colors. Hope the show went wonderfully. :)

seth said...

Great, great piece. Cool title too!