Sunday, October 12, 2008

The State of the Union Address

The silly season, ooops, I mean the Election Season is upon us. Actually, I wish it was silly, but this time around it is far, far from it.

There are some profound choices to be made this year at both the Federal and State levels. With all due respect to the Republicans, I admire John McCain immensely. He is an American hero with the credentials to prove it. Beyond his war experiences, he has often voted his conscious rather than falling along Party lines. A genuine figure.

That being said, his choice of Sarah Palin is such a monumental failure to his legacy as a public servant that the only thing potentially worse is the effect it will have on qualified women seeking the White House or Executive Mansion in the future.

Obama? He certainly is intriguing. I don't really care about his pastor or whether he associated with a member of the Weather Underground. But, his lack of experience has to be considered. What will he bring to the table in the next four years when Americans will be in a position and status they are not accustomed to? Will he bring our folks in the Middle East home?

Joe Biden ain't a bad VP choice. He's too hot headed for the top spot, but his background and experience could certainly help.

Kind of a shame that McCain didn't reach across the aisle to choose a Democrat for his running mate. Talk about a 'maverick' move! The line could have been "Not a Republican Agenda; Not a Democrat Agenda; An American Agenda..."

Personally, I've been a Green Party voter for over 20 years. As an outsider looking in, the Presidential Election is not choosing the lesser of two evils, but the evil of two lessers. So, what do we do?

I think it's time to take stock of ourselves. We need to do the right thing for the right reasons, and at the right time. We should help our neighbor knowing it may never be repaid. If we are receiving charity, we should not consider it a right but an opportunity to pass it on and be gracious in the process.

We need to respect that we are all different. Diversity in Community, Unity in Purpose. We are men, women, conservative & liberal, straight or gay, young and old, black, white, brown, red, yellow, Christian, Muslim, or Atheist. In the end, we are hoping that happiness comes our way and that we make a difference when it comes time to call it a day.
So, make sure you vote. And more importantly, regardless of the outcome, show dignity, respect, and sacrifice so that we can leave things a little better than when we found it.

Photo was during a massive forest fire in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.


Kim H. said...

Gorgeous photo! You know the one thing I going to miss this election is my best friend calling me election morning reminding me to vote! She passed away from cancer almost 2 years ago.