Sunday, October 19, 2008

Knott's Scary Farm

My son loves Halloween as much as anyone could love a holiday. Aside from the candy, anything involving gore and costumes is his idea of fun. For the last 5 years, he's wanted to go to Knotts Berry Farm during the Halloween season, when it transforms itself into a 'monster sized' haunted park. I always told him when he turned 13, we would go. Well, guess what........

We arrived at the gate at sunset and I was immediately terrified. The guests waiting in line were as frightening a bunch of goths, emo's, vato's, and metal heads as I've ever seen (for definitions, ask your teenager). Once inside, there were literally hundreds of ghouls and freaks in wildly outlandish costumes trolling in the shadows for a good scare.

Several mazes were set up with names like Club Blood, Killer Clown College, etc. Within the mazes, all manner of freaks would jump out and scare the beee-jeeeesus out of you. The props were Hollywood quality with body parts strung out and blood galore.

The scariest moment occurred when we were in the Lost Vegas maze. Aside from two-headed gamblers and pit bosses looking for souls, we stumbled in a gentleman's lounge, complete with pole dancing vampira's. What was scary was Kyle and his friend Wyatt transforming from giggling laughing neo-teens into wide eyed teenage boys. All of a sudden, they were very attentive and focused. It wasn't until Freddy Krueger tickled them with his blade fingers did they move.

Overall, a fun night with big burgers and onion rings at Johnny Rockets 50's Diner finishing out the night. Happy Halloween to all!

Kyle and Wyatt and a fun open lenses shot capture the essence of the night.